​About Nick Stubbs

About Nick Stubbs

Nick Stubbs is a Sporty Writer, Entrepreneur, Webmaster, Photographer, Film-maker, Biker, Music Lover, Health Nut, Husband and Dad of 2

Hi, my name is Nick Stubbs and I am the founder of Drop the Day Job. A website dedicated to encouraging anyone to break free from the shackles of a career or working life that they aren't happy in. Hopefully we can show you an alternative and accessible route to success and financial freedom. One that is not too hard or expensive to achieve.


I have been an online entrepreneur since early 2005 and have loved every minute of it. It is now one of the biggest and most important parts of my business. However, I have worked in many other areas in my time and started my working life in the late 1980's in accountancy and credit management.

Since then, I have also (amongst other things):

  • Run a real estate company in Spain (where both of my kids were born)
  • Had a long running media company in both Spain and the UK
  • Of course, run my internet marketing business

I absolutely love teaching other people to become successful in all aspects of business, online and off. I've taught millions of people about photography over the years. Both online through various websites, membership sites, DVD's and eBooks. As well as offline courses (some in beautiful locations).

The best part was having an influence in many people being able to ditch their old jobs. To then enjoy a new life working from home doing something they truly love.

After we moved back to the UK from Spain, my new accountant was so taken by my business that she, unknowingly to me, entered me for the South and West Dorset Business Awards. I was awarded the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2011.

Nick Stubbs - Entrepreneur of the Year Award-2011

Now I have reached a certain "milestone age", I want to devote much of my time to helping others succeed. This is why Drop the Day Job was created. The plan is to get people doing what they love for a living rather than simply trading time for money.


I'm happily married with two teenage children living near the beach in Dorset and I love my motorbikes. I once did the Enduro Africa ride which was a 1000 mile off-road Motor X adventure. It was in aid of four African charities. We raised half a million pounds for Sentebale, Touch Africa, UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Children's Trust .

Enduro Africa 2009 - About Nick Stubbs

I was also once a qualified scuba diver and dived in Gran Canaria and the Bahamas. Prior to that I spent 3 years skydiving in the UK and Spain. This was before the loss of too many friends and 4 of my own malfunctions encouraged me to give that up.

Watch below as I pull the wrong handle and lose my main parachute during freefall. I finally opened the reserve 4 seconds from impact. This was only 20 or so jumps into my skydiving career.

Note: The original footage was lost when we were broken into in Spain one year and everything was stolen (including all my jump tapes). I actually filmed my TV to get this whilst testing out my first ever digital video camera (hence the poor quality) but only found it 16 years later.

My First Malfunction - About Nick Stubbs

In 2014 I organised and took part in Tough Mudder where we raised money for a children's hospice in Dorset. Great fun! If you want to skip this video, you can at least jump to 9m 50s and watch me get 10,000 volts shot through my head. Please excuse the language, it really hurt!

Tough Mudder - About Nick Stubbs

There is a reason for me showing you all of this...

You only live once

In recent years, we have lost a lot of family and friends to cancer and heart disease. I actually did my first parachute jump in 1987 to raise money for Cancer Research and have always tried to give something back for the privilege of my "still being here".

I am currently doing a "Harvard Standard" diploma in Nutrition with Emphasis on Cancer Prevention and Longevity of Life. This is so I can hopefully help people to avoid this sh*tty illness. All of this continuously motivates me to keep doing what I love and I hope it sparks something in you to do the same.

It took a long time for me to realise my own mortality so I have now tamed down the crazy antics. However, I continue to learn, train, teach and enjoy life to the max. I can think of no better way for anyone to do the same than hopefully taking our advice on Drop the Day Job!

Risks are most definitely worth taking in life but I only take calculated risks where I am pretty much in charge. There is virtually no risk in anything I am teaching you here other than the risk of reaching the end of your life with regrets.

Life is good, let's make it better!

Drop the Day Job