​How to Quit My Job

How to Quit My Job

...and still earn enough money to live on

​Googling "how to quit my job"​ more than likely means you have probably been asking yourself this for a while. It takes a while to reach this stage and I feel for you.

You more than likely at one of these points in your career...you:

  • Feel frustrated at the lack of promotion
  • Hate your boss and/or work colleagues
  • Think you are not being paid your true worth
  • Work too many hours
  • Dislike the commute
  • Are on the wrong career path altogether
  • Want to find an alternative solution that makes you happy

I get it. I have been there and done it a few times in my life.

A little about me

I am now 5​2 years old and back in 1998, aged 31, I got so pissed off with my lot, I quit my job.

I remember the day well...

I'd left London where I had worked in finance/credit management for a decade or so and now lived in Nottingham. Myself and a friend (who also hated her job) moved there to be closer to Langar Airfield where we skydived at weekends (that's me in white with goggles on).

Skydiving Empuriabrava

I was in an incredibly boring finance job in Grantham and to ease the boredom, I would sometimes pull into the drop-zone on my way home. I even did a jump in my suit one evening followed by a small private party involving about 5 of us, a bottle of tequila, a guitar and big, comfy chairs.

One day at work, my friend called me and said, "Nick, I've found a job in Gran Canaria...fancy it? They have a drop zone there". Without pausing for thought, I said yes and spent the rest of the morning chatting to her about how we would go about it.

The ladies in my office noticed me slacking off and snitched on me to my boss who called me into his office. When he asked what I was doing, I said I was looking for flights to Spain and simply gave him my notice there and then : )

A new life - How to quit my job

The long and short of it is:

  • 1998 - I quit my job and moved to Gran Canaria in August working for a 5* resort
  • 2000 - Worked my way up to sales and training manager
  • 2001 - Got made redundant so I took 7 months off to play golf, scuba dive and play poker
  • Late 2001 - Moved to mainland Spain in November
  • 2001 - Walked into real estate company and got a job right away...and made a lot of money
  • 2002 - Started my own real estate company and made even more money
  • 2005 - Started my own photography company and an internet marketing businesses
  • 20​20 - Still going strong!

When I left the UK in 1998, I sold my car and my motorbike. I gave away my TV and a load of other crap I didn't really need. I moved to Spain with nothing more than a suitcase, a parachute, a portable stereo and about £3,500. That was it.

Within 4 years I was earning 6 figures with my own business and spending a LOT of time with my wife and friends. Before long, we decided to have two children and move back to the UK (the Spanish economy collapsed) and the rest, as they say, is history.

How it felt to quit my job

I hated working for other people...with a vengeance. Sure, at first when I was young, I loved it. The office banter, the friends I made, the money and so on. Before long though, I was bored. Where was this going? Should I leave? Where will I go? What will I do?

It got overwhelming at times...I thought that there must be more to life.

However, when I decided to quit my job for good and do something different and exciting, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I felt free.

Now, my circumstances may have been different to yours when I made that decision. You may have a mortgage, a family and so on so let me explain what happened to us in 2005.

The crash

In November 2004, it was becoming obvious that Spain was struggling with solidifying their place within the EU. Property prices were falling and people were getting nervous, especially me.

I had given up my real estate business to concentrate on starting my photography and online business. I had some money due in from a few property sales and some savings but my income had stopped for a while.

In February 2005, we signed for a large mortgage on a beautiful 4 bed penthouse on a large golf and country club on the southern coast of Spain. I had no regular income, we had a 2 year old son and my wife was pregnant with our daughter. My wife wasn't working either.

I said to my wife "give me one year to get this internet business off the ground and if it doesn't work, I will get a job".

Within a year, not only was it working but it was bringing in good money and a lot of offline work.

However, in 2006/2007, the crash happened. All property values collapsed and many people on the coast were out of work. We decided to head back to the UK to educate the children there.

Again, I moved to the UK with no job, a wife and 2 children and nowhere to live.

My online business was doing so well it was a breeze. We simply got ourselves a new home and continued as we did in Spain. I am still doing that and running those businesses 1​2 years later!

So, what about you?

  • What is it going to take for you to make that leap of faith?
  • What conditions do you need to make it the right time?

Let me tell you something...it is never the right time. Most people will never have the money they think they need to make the break. They will never truly feel that the time is right or that everything is all "fine and dandy" thus making the change easier.

If everything was all fine and dandy, you wouldn't be asking how to quit ​your job would you?

How to quit your job

Obviously if you have a family, discuss it with them first. Make sure that your spouse/partner is on board and understands your reasons and plans.

Remember, you don't have to quit your job right away, especially if you decide to start an online business. The beauty of internet marketing or any work involving the online world is that you can work anytime, anywhere.

You can slowly build your business to a point where the transition is that much easier.

However, I must say that even though this is 100% doable, it will take longer. There is no better motivation than the fear of not knowing where your next pay check will come from.

Everyone is different so you must make your own choices but what to do when you quit?

Get another job

If you are happy working for someone else, so be it. I must admit that the thought of a steady pay check without all the responsibilities of running your own business appealed to me for a while. I still miss the banter of good friends that I worked with but I have also made a lot more friends since quitting the 9-5 life.

If you do decide to get another job, have the courage to go for a higher position. Go for a position that you not only think you deserve but one you know you can do.

Ask for more money like I did when I was just 20 years old. In my second ever job interview for a firm of chartered accountants in Surrey, I asked for a pay rise at the interview! I got it too : )

Working for yourself

Offline Business

If you have a certain skill in something, or a passion for that something that you are willing to learn, train and work hard for, THAT is your "thing". Learn how you can transform your passion into a business and start making plans.

Are you a great cook and love everything about food? You could do anything from teaching cookery to starting a sandwich round or even opening up a bespoke, trendy restaurant.

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing, reading about or learning? For me it was photography.

The world is your oyster and all you have to do is:

  • Find a way to monetise your idea
  • Plan a way forward with a good business model
  • DO IT

When I started my photography business (weddings, commercial, portraits), I...

  • 1
    Bought the basic equipment I needed to get going
  • 2
    Ordered some nice business cards and letterheads online
  • 3
    Built myself a good looking website (it went straight to number one for relevant terms using my internet marketing skills)
  • 4
    ​Wrote to and visited as many suppliers in the area within my industry as I could (weddings)

I offered the suppliers a 10% "bounty" for any clients that they put my way who booked me. It worked like a charm! Before long I was becoming well known with the hotels, reception venues, hairdressers, planners and so on.

I started getting more and more referrals and more and more work from the website. Happy days.

Online Business

The online world is a lot different to running an offline business. However, it is also a lot more exciting (for me anyway).

Unlike an offline business, you may not see much of an income at first unless you are willing to put in a lot of financing. A solid, sustainable internet business needs time to build, promote and become established. It's a case of the more work you put in, the quicker it will happen.

When I started my first online business, I worked around 15 hours a day for a year to get the content online and indexed. At that point, it all started happening:

  • Traffic was coming in
  • I wrote my first couple of eBooks
  • I started to create my own online courses
  • Money started coming in

How you monetise your online business is up to you but know this, there are a multitude of ways. For more information and free training on how to build an exciting online business, check out my free short course below:

Internet Marketing for Beginners

The beauty is that you can run an online business from anywhere! If you go on holiday...take your laptop. If you move house, county or country...no bother. Once established, be prepared for a stress-free, exciting business life!

How to quit your job for real


  • Swear at your boss
  • Tell him/her to "stick it where the sun don't shine"
  • Simply stop going in

However you quit your job, do it with respect and in the right way. If you have to give a month's notice, do so and work that month whilst you plan your future.

You see, even though you are unhappy where you are right now, you will feel different when you leave and you never know, you may need their help one day (or a reference).

Don't burn your bridges. Be polite. Be professional.

The last thing you want is a bad reputation in your area when trying to start a business. Your old boss may well be part of a business group that you wish to join once you get started for example.

Your mindset has to change from that of an employee to that of a business person. EVERYONE you meet from now on is a potential customer, partner or supplier to your business.


I don't know about you but getting to 5​2 years old, I have lost a lot of family and friends along the way.

In fact, one reason I decided to leave the UK was a skydiving accident that I had.

We had sadly lost a friend who had a double malfunction whilst in freefall in early 1998 and a few months later it happened to me. I lost my main parachute at about 2,500 feet (see my about me page for video) and eventually opened my reserve around 4 seconds from impact.

That single event made me take a long look at my life and career. I thought what the f**k have I got to lose if I just go for it? I may not be here tomorrow!

Since then, I have tried to live my life to the full. I have taken part in Tough Mudder and Enduro Africa (both videos also on my about me page above) plus I have joined and even started various business groups in my town.

Because of my businesses, I have been lucky enough to attend 95% of my kids' school events and football matches. We have had some great holidays taken without having to ask for time off and being able to take a day off just for the hell of it is a great feeling.

Don't think for too long about making changes in your life. You are only here once and it's not a rehearsal so stop asking "how to quit my job" and just do it...

Jay Shetty

Let the wonderful and inspirational Jay Shetty explain further:

Worst case scenario...get another job if it doesn't work out. But it will. Good luck and please share!

Author: Nick

Nick has been internet marketing since 2005 and has sold over £2million worth of his own and other people's products all over the world. He also won the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award for South and West Dorset in 2011 and loves teaching others how to succeed.

About the author 


Nick has been internet marketing since 2005 and has sold over £2million worth of his own and other people's products all over the world. He also won the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award for South and West Dorset in 2011 and loves teaching others how to succeed.

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