​Improve Mobile Image Appearance in Thr​ive Themes

Improve Website Image Appearance

How to ensure images display well in mobile view

Please watch the video below or continue reading. The image above shows how photos can appear in mobile view when using Thrive Architect. It is not always possible to drag the image to the very edge of the display depending on the Theme you are using. In this example, I am using the Performag Theme from Thrive Themes.

I noticed that when I was editing and viewing photos in mobile view, they wouldn't always extend to the edges of the device. It was frustrating me because I wasn't able to "stretch" them in Architect.

Simple Solution

If it frustrated myself, I assumed that it may frustrate or annoy some of my readers so I looked for a quick workaround to get them to fill the page width. In the end, I simply used a Content Box to host the images. All you need to do is:

  • Drag a Content Box to where you want the image to appear
  • Either drag the image into the box or click the link provided to add a new image
  • Go to mobile view edit mode
  • Go to "Layout and Position"
  • Drag the far left and far right arrows until the image has reached the edges and save

If the image still doesn't reach the edge, particularly on the right, do this. Click on the image and scroll to the top of the elements options. Make sure the image slider is all the way over to the left. If it isn't, slide it all the way and the image should now fit the page perfectly. This is shown in the video below.

​Thrive Themes is an amazing and super useful addition to any WordPress website. In fact I would recommend it over any other plug in or suite of plug ins currently available. It is simply superb. Check out my full Thrive Themes review here: Thrive Themes review

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