Best Web Hosting Services

​Best Web Hosting Services

A smart choice of web host for beginners

Before we go talk about the best web hosting services, let's make one thing clear.

Everything I am teaching here is geared around building a website or blog on the WordPress platform.

I have personally built websites on other platforms in the past and started out coding my own with HTML. What a pain and so long-winded.

There are other platforms such as Joomla, Blogger etc but this is why I recommend WordPress. WordPress has one of the best and most used CMS's (content management systems) in the world.

At the time I wrote this site, I think WordPress accounts for over 55% of the world's websites and over 90% of blogs.

Because of this, you are going to get way more support, developers, plug ins and things you can do with WordPress than any other platform. It is so easy to use which makes it a great way for people to get started online.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is also good for more experienced webmasters and large companies. There are some huge names out there using WordPress:

  • TechCrunch
  • Bloomberg Professional
  • The Official Star Wars Blog
  • Sony Music
  • MTV News
  • Beyonce

Word of caution, do NOT use the website for starting your business. This is the free version and you will NEVER own the site outright but you will end up with a domain such as:

Not great and you will always be under the ownership of WordPress. That could cause headaches and frustration down the line.

Everything I teach here has longevity and the future in mind. We use

Web hosting

Ok. Web hosting. What is it and why do you need it? Caveat: Web hosting is not free so get used to that. In fact, and this is something I always tell my wife (she never listens):

"Buy cheap, buy twice"

Hosting can cost anywhere from $2 to $500 per month but you won't have to pay high end to get quality hosting. You have to have hosting though so factor this cost into your monthly charges for setting up your business.

Fear not though, once you get going and earning money online, the cost for hosting will seem like a drop in the ocean. As a beginner, I am going to show you something rather special that I am also a part of and using on a daily basis.

Anyway, before we come to that, if you think of your domain name as the street address of where you live, the hosting is like the property you put on it.

What does a web host do?

Your host is where you store everything to do with your website including:

  • Text and images
  • Videos (unless using YouTube/Vimeo etc)
  • PDF files
  • Documents and uploads
  • Everything else to do with your site!

Your web host is also responsible for the safe keeping and presentation of your website. If you have slow, crowded hosting along with millions of other people, you will become frustrated very quickly. Take it from me.

It is so easy to jump right in with some cheap hosting company just to get started. Please do not do that.

You see, from the minute you publish your website whether it has 10 pages or a thousand, Google and other search engines start monitoring it. That is assuming you have done everything else we will teach you later on.

The more you work on your website, the bigger and more complex it gets and you may soon outgrow cheap hosting. This may stifle your progress and annoy your visitors as the site slows down.

Best web hosting services for ​everyone

So here we go. The company I am going to heartily recommend to any beginners, students or anyone else starting out in their web business is ​WPX Hosting.  ​WPX are so much more than a host and you will see what I mean when you read my review ​in the link above.


Before moving on, make sure that you read my review on ​WPX Hosting​. ​This will ensure the next 3 parts to this course are not only easier to understand but it will make them so much more exciting!

Hosting sorted? ​now we need to choose a theme...