WordPress BusinessThemes

​WordPress Business Themes

Themes can be changed but it's not always easy

I have been guilty in the past of changing my WordPress business themes as often as I change my Smartphone screensaver.

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of themes out there to choose from...it really can be a minefield.

Choose the wrong theme or developer and you could end up in trouble.

​You see, even if you pick a theme that, from the initial outset:

  • Looks good
  • Has a ton of features
  • Has a developer that you can contact

It might not always stay that way. Themes can sometimes have a shelf life.

I have built websites in the past using themes that I thought were good because they had some good reviews and very extravagant and impressive features. Unbeknown to me, those features would slow my websites down enormously thus creating problems down the line.

Some elements of themes and templates can add functionality to your website as well as a better overall appearance. Add too many though and your site could start to look cluttered.

Keep it simple

It has been said that the search engines seem to like websites that are clean, navigable and relevant. In the past, I have come across websites that had every available bit of space filled with:

  • Adverts
  • Banners
  • Images
  • Boxes

People would cram whatever they could onto a page thinking they were being productive. What that would actually do was put people off.

White space is the new buzz word.

Apparently, we prefer to read and browse websites that have plenty of white space so we can read easily as well as determine what every aspect of the page does that we are on.

Think about your offline shopping experience.

Have you ever been into a haberdashery or bric-a-brac store? I have and they feel incredibly crowded and I always think I am going to knock something over.

Then look at Apple stores

They are white, clean, clear with a lot of space for people to move around in. This simple approach makes the products in store really stand out. Granted there are less products to show in an Apple store but I think you get the idea?

Choosing ​your WordPress Business Themes

Once you have ​chosen your web host (WPX Hosting for example), you ​can start to build your first website after just a small amount of training. This is the really exciting part...you are on your way!

Once you have bought a domain (easy) and installed WordPress on it (easy), you have around 2,800 templates to choose from. Please, please, please check out Thrive Themes. Now only do they help you to create amazing websites but they have a university for their members to show and teach you everything:

  • ​How to's on ALL you need to know to create a successful and SEO friendly site
  • ​How to create your own sales pages
  • ​How to generate leads through their amazing plug-ins
  • ​Create your own interactive quizzes (that do SOOO much more than ask questions)
  • ​And so much more...please check out our short Thrive ​Themes review ​here

Take your time to select an appropriate look and feel for your new website but just remember this. Once you get more confident, you can tweak quite a few aspects of a theme or template and even revert back if it goes wrong.

Also, you can upload and switch to a new template at any time but be aware that you may have to make some corrections once you do this. This is because different templates have different coding and layouts.

Here are a few that you are presented with when you start your search (click for larger view).

WordPress Business Themes

As a beginner to building websites, this is by far the easiest way to get started. Don't spend too long looking for a theme but make sure you choose one that is functional, clean, smart and shows off your topic in the best way possible.

​Ok, let's learn how to build websites...