​WordPress Sidebar Widgets Problem

WordPress Sidebar Widgets

WordPress Sidebar Widgets Gone or Moved? Problem Fixed!

Yesterday I spent 2 hours searching for a solution to my WordPress sidebar widgets issue. I noticed that on one of my websites, the sidebar had moved to the bottom of the page. Below the main content.

This was not good and it looked awful. If too many readers of the site saw this, it could result in lost new or even regular visitors. It looks unprofessional and unattended. Check out the video ​above to see how I ended up finding the problem and fixing it. I have to say that this issue is incredibly rare, if it happens at all when using Thrive Themes and all of their bespoke plug ins.

The Written Explanation

Ok. So after running around like a headless chicken looking for anything I may have done recently, I calmed down.

  • I looked for bad code in recent blog posts and pages built
  • I checked to see if I had uploaded any new plug ins lately
  • I even used the support at my hosts...the superb team at WPX Hosting

The code was fine in my posts. I hadn't uploaded any new plug ins and WPX wouldn't find the issue. They are not developers but the lady did have some excellent tests I could run which I did.

First of all, I ran the site through the W3C Markup Validation Service to see if I had any bad code. This WordPress sidebar widgets issue can be caused by an unclosed <div> or extra closing </div> tag. However, I found no such thing anywhere.

Secondly, I ran the site through Whynopadlock.com to check for mixed content problems. Apparently this can also cause WordPress sidebar widgets to move about and become misplaced.

Plug Ins

Finally, I checked the least likely cause (according to many websites) which was my plug ins. At this moment in time, I have quite a few third party plug ins on my websites so I hoped this would be it.

I systematically deactivated and reactivated each plug in whilst refreshing the web page each time. I finally deactivated the "WordPress Related Posts Thumbnails" plug in and voila! Problem solved.

I'm not sure why it suddenly went bad as I had done nothing of any significance to the site lately. It is actually a good plug in but for whatever reason it decided it didn't want to play any more.

This is one of the reasons I am moving all of my websites over to Thrive Themes. For one, they have a plug in exactly like the related posts one causing the problems yesterday. It is included in their main package along with a load more incredibly useful plug ins.

Less is More

By using Thrive Themes, it means I have a LOT less third party plug ins loaded and the ones I do use are reputable one with longevity, regular updated and great support. Sometimes the best plug ins are the paid ones...even on subscription.

Check out my Thrive Themes review to see if it is a fit for your own WordPress site.

I hope this page and video helped and if it did (or didn't), please remember to comment and share it with your friends below. Thank you.

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Nick has been internet marketing since 2005 and has sold over £2million worth of his own and other people's products all over the world. He also won the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award for South and West Dorset in 2011 and loves teaching others how to succeed.

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